September 25, 2018

Pinata – ein Spass für Gross und Klein!

Piñatas  – where do they come from? They have their origin in China, but they have made the Mexicans popular. A party game of a different kind, meets children with great enthusiasm.
Means minimal preparation, but brings the maximum success. Everyone loves the  Piñatas  and by the way they are also a great decoration for every birthday.

HOW does the PIÑATA GAME work?

Here are a few short explanations:

  • Piñatas are filled with sweets, confetti and small gifts. They have a hidden opening, which is then closed again.
  • The Piñatas are hung on a tape, ideally in the open air, or of course in a room.
  • One after the other, the children get a  pinata blindfold  and then  try to open the piñata with the  pinata stick . Piñatas are best crushed when they are full. Attention: do not fill too hard!
  • The Zugpiñatas have many bands attached. The children have to pull on these ribbons. A band is then the right thing, that opens the Piñata.
  • When the piñata rises, the sweets fall to the ground and the children can collect them together.

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